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Ali, Uncensored

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Elle Reader’s Prize – Feb 2012

Unanimous applause greeted this actress-comedian’s tour of her fabulous life, from her East Coast blue-blood origins (mother’s name: Muffie Cabot) to being Schmoopie onSeinfeld to marrying George Stephanopoulos—all recounted in a manner that had one reader wondering if Wentworth is “a long-lost sister of the Sedaris clan.”… Ali Wentworth delivers a host of tall—and small, and long, and short—tales that will leave you weak with laughter. Offering the perfect blend of personal knowledge and gossip, Wentworth emerges from her WASP upbringing with a quirky perspective and comedic contempt for her world of privilege, much of it inherited from her mother extraordinaire Muffie Cabot, whose words of advice about coping with any crisis is “Go to the Four Seasons!” An ideal companion for any reader seeking a relaxing yet devilish evening, Ali in Wonderland takes you by the hand down the rabbit hole of great conversation with an old girlfriend, who just happens to be married to George Stephanopoulos.

Publishers Weekly

Reviewed 10/30/11

Depending on whom you ask, Wentworth (The WASP Cookbook) is best known for roles on TV’s In Living Color and Head Case, her appearances on Oprah, or her 2001 marriage to George Stephanopoulous. The busy author’s fun, adventure-filled memoir is rife with colorful turns of phrase (for example, “I felt like a Chihuahua after the neighborhood bully lit the firecracker in its ass”) and humorous tales of her privileged upbringing, various suitors, and trips abroad. The author’s mother, Muffie—who worked as Nancy Reagan’s social secretary—looms large, often as the example against which a young Ali rebelled. Wentworth is amusing and frank, often frenetic, with sharp intelligence underneath the sassy wackiness; passages about her struggle with depression, falling in love with her husband, and her daughter’s baptism have funny moments, but they’re thoughtful and touching, too. Dishy tidbits about famous folk, from Henry Kissinger to Cher, round out this highly entertaining memoir.