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A look back at the greatest moments from this season of “Daily Shot,” and a final scene you won’t believe.


In this “lost episode” of “Daily Shot,” Ali interviews her husband. Things get uncomfortable. Many months ago George Stephanopoulos came into the “Daily Shot” studio for an interview.


Top Tupperware salesperson Aunt Barbara helps Ali say goodbye with a tribute to the best past canceled shows.


On the new season of “Inside Amy Schumer” on Comedy Central, viewers can look forward to celebrity guests like Paul Giamatti of “Sideways” and “The Hangover Part II,” Zach Braff of…


The cat behaviorist explains what people get wrong about their feline friends. Plus, the most common behavioral problems among cats.


Over the course of Mario Lopez’s long career, he’s starred in countless movies and TV series, produced several projects, and interviewed hundreds of celebrities as the host of ”Extra.”


“Deadliest Catch” follows captains and their crews who risk their lives in fishing vessels in the Bering Sea. One of those captains is Keith Colburn, the head of crab-fishing boat …


Comedian Carol Leifer shares the lessons she’s learned over her long career in comedy


The ‘Veep’ actress talks about the third season of the show and her life as a new mom


Shape magazine’s Bahar Takhtehchian explains why you’re not seeing changes after hitting the gym


Amram Shapiro, author of “The Book of Odds” reveals shocking statistics about life, love and death.


If you’re going through ‘the change’ or if your hormones are just out of whack, here’s what to do


The stuntman and ‘Jackass’ star talks about his new game show, the scariest stunt he’s ever done, and why he had to write an apology letter to Richard Branson.


The actress, producer and feminist talks about marriage, relationships, and how anyone can reinvent themselves.


Josh Duhamel talks about fatherhood, his parenting mentality, and giving back


Always a bridesmaid? Comedian Ophira Eisenberg explains why it’s the worst.


Burlesque dancer and designer Dita Von Teese explains why women should feel great about rocking lingerie, and reveals what she’s really like under all the glam


Jamie Brewer of ‘American Horror Story’ shares her favorite celebrity stories and what she thinks of the show’s fashion choices


Isabel Gillies’ husband left her for another woman. The actress and writer explains how she learned to “deal with the truth” and stay friends with her ex for the sake…


Dr. Travis Stork shares simple steps you can take to ease spring allergies.


Some people say 30 is the new 20 and 50 is the new 40, but Annabelle Gurwitch isn’t buying it. The author of “I See You Made an Effort: Compliments, Indignities, and Survival Stori…


Sally Jesse Raphael has spent five decades covering news, radio, and TV, interviewing countless controversial guests, experts, and celebrities. The Emmy Award-winning talk show ho…



Ben Rappaport plays fourth-year associate Carey Zepps on CBS’s “The Good Wife,” and if you knew him a few years ago, you probably wouldn’t be surprised by his onscreen success…


The actress and ‘Extra’ host talks about her new reality show, her traditional Greek parents, and the pressure to start a family.


Are you in love with him? Or are you just in love with the idea of him? In Holly Peterson’s new book “The Idea of Him,” the protagonist tackles those tough questions. It’s a situa…


The popular young actress talks about the awkward backstage mistake, working with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, and what she would tell teenage girls.



The “Big Bang Theory” actress talks about her acting highlight, being an activist, and why she took 12 years off from the industry. Find more Daily Shot videos on Yahoo Screen.


How can you feel full and still lose weight? “Eat It to Beat It!” author Dave Zinczenko explains how to make better choices while still eating your favorite foods.


The “Today” show host and weatherman reveals his most embarrassing on-air costume and what he knew about Savannah’s pregnancy.


From Miley Cyrus to ‘Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson,’ YouTube sensation Kandee Johnson can transform herself into any character with the right makeup


The actor talks about what it’s like playing two characters at once on ‘The Following’ and what Kevin Bacon is like offscreen.


The ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ highlights the dating complaints that aren’t helping anyone. Plus, the best place to meet men.


The ‘Cougar Town’ actress explains the story behind her unusual choice of children’s names, and why paparazzi photos of celebrity kids are bad for every parent.


The actor talks about his “That 70s Show” co-stars, his new bad-guy role, and the woman he calls “a groundbreaking human being.”

Dietitian Elisa Zied highlights five food faux pas that can make us look older than we actually are.



Whether you are stressed, need a libido boost, or just want to clear up your skin, nutritionist Peggy Kotsopoulos says the cure might be in your very own kitchen.


Elisa Zied, dietician and author of “Younger Next Week,” shares five foods that help to keep us looking young… and some of them might surprise you.


Michael Olajide Jr. has trained everyone from the Victoria’s Secret angels to Hugh Jackman in “Real Steel,” and he’s here to help you get in shape for the New Year — no weights nec…


“Everyday Food” chef Sarah Carey shares easy snack ideas that are so delicious, you’ll never guess they’re all less than 200 calories


If you shove your groceries in the fridge without a second thought, you could be causing certain foods to expire faster. Bahar Takhtechian, editor-at-large of Shape magazine, plays..


The newest season of “The Bachelor” kicks off next week, and Trista Sutter is proof that the dating show can actually end in real love. As the very first “Bachelorette,” she met fi…


Megan Hilty is the face (and voice) behind such hits as “Smash” and “Sean Saves the World,” but the recent event that has her gushing happened offscreen. This past November, she ma…



Wondering why men do the things they do? We typed “Why do men” into the Yahoo search engine and asked comedian Jo Koy to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about…


Isabel Gillies had what she thought was “the perfect life.” She was married to a professor at Oberlin College, had two young children and a beautiful home, and was enjoying her act…


The “Lois and Clark” star weighs in on his new role, his college relationship with Brooke Shields, and what it was really like to work with Teri Hatcher.


Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark share their favorite last-minute Christmas gift ideas for the foodies in your life.


Have you complained about millennials lately? Twenty-to-35-year-olds have been called “the laziest generation.” Alicia Menendez, a millennial and host of “Alicia Menendez Tonight”



Katie Brown from “Katie Brown Home Workshop” shares creative ideas for handmade gifts that won’t break the bank.


When the temperature drops, our hair can take a serious beating. Style maven Gretta Monahan says most people notice a big difference in their locks in the winter months.


If a guy under 5-foot-8 goes shopping for pants at the mall, chances are he’ll have to buy a pair with a 30-inch inseam. That’s as short as it gets in the men’s clothing industry, …


Did you know the average person engages in some type of deception up to 30 times per week? Steve Van Aperen has worked on more than 50 serial-killer investigations as a behavioral …


Every week on “Saturday Night Live,” Kate McKinnon cracks up audiences with her impressions of Chelsea Handler’s Swedish doppelganger, Penélope Cruz, and other celebs, but one of…


The ‘Orange Is the New Black’ actress on playing ‘down-on-their-luck’ characters, and why she thinks she’ll never be cast as the girl next door


The millionaire matchmaker gives her best holiday love advice for everyone — millionaire or not


Mira and Jayson Calton are nutritionists and the authors of “Naked Calories,” and they say these two foods can be powerful tools to help you slim down and get healthier.


Vanessa Bayer has impersonated everyone from Miley Cyrus to Lady Gaga to Kourtney Kardashian on “Saturday Night Live.” The secret to playing the famous Kardashian sister? A widow’s..


The comedian explains why HBO sent her to “boot camp,” reveals the jobs she failed at before becoming an actress, and offers her best advice for making a marriage work


The comedian explains why HBO sent her to “boot camp,” reveals the jobs she failed at before becoming an actress, and offers her best advice for making a marriage work


The actress talks about her intense new stage role and behind-the-scenes wackiness on ‘True Blood’


Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley and Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi stop by ‘Daily Shot’ to talk about growing up and what they regret, and to answer the question ‘What were you thinking?’


Have you ever thought, “I wonder if I can freeze this?” Bahar Taktehchian, editor-at-large of Shape magazine, stopped by “Daily Shot” to answer Ali’s questions about what can and…


Does being known as a ‘mean girl’ upset reality TV star Stassi Schroeder? The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ waitress reveals what it’s like working for Lisa Vanderpump and whether TV fame mak…


We all know that having good posture is important, but you might not know that having bad posture can affect your overall health. Jill Miller is a yoga and fitness therapy expert w…


The co-host of ‘The Chew’ reveals what holiday staple she can’t live without, how she stays in shape, and her worst fear as a chef

Throughout her four seasons on “Dexter,” Julie Benz played Dexter’s significant other. She says one scene — which she didn’t know about in advance — was the most memorable.

Over 50 percent of people never discuss concerns about gas and bloating with their doctors, but Dr. Roshini Raj says patients should put their self-consciousness aside for the sake…



Author and relationship expert Andrea Syrtash explains the reasoning behind “breakup season” and what to pay attention to if you’re worried about a brewing breakup


Adam Glassman, creative director of O, the Oprah Magazine, shares his best tips for wearing cold-weather clothes without looking like a marshmallow.


The talk show host had just had a baby when she learned of her husband’s infidelity. Overwhelmed with new motherhood, she recalls saying: “You’re not going to leave me alone….


Jerry Seinfeld recently said, “Mark Consuelos can raise an entire family with one eyebrow.” After this interview we’re inclined to believe him. The actor and husband of Kelly Ripa …


There was one specific celebrity reaction that David Blaine considers the greatest he’s ever received…


The actress reflects on what scripted line in the horror spoof gave her ‘a moment of pause,’ and the most awkward scene to shoot in her movie ‘The Best Man Holiday’


The ‘Reading Rainbow’ host on ‘Roots,’ ‘Star Trek,’ and what he calls his buddy Capt. Picard.


“I’ll tell you what my husband told me when he was dying. I said, ‘Mo, how am I going to live without you?’ And he said, take the love that you have for me and spread it around.’”…


Just a few months ago, rapper Ja Rule completed a two-year prison sentence for illegal gun possession and failure to pay taxes. Now, he’s making his comeback with the new movie “I’…